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Most delicious mango types which are produced by Pakistan

A prominent fruit in summer! Everyone is aware of this fruit due to sweetness and delicious taste. Pakistan produce and consume different types of mangoes are famous in whole work and know the best due to unique flavor, richness, and sweetness. Pakistan is the main exporter of mango in the world as we produce this important agricultural fruit with vegetables and other fresh fruits. Some popular type of mangoes is Chaunsa, Desheri, Langra, Anwar ratorl, and many others.  Here is the Kind! Summer season is starting as we can say mango season is arriving. Pakistan is the 4th major producer of mango in the world with 400 types or varieties. Summer is about mangoes as it has a special place in our hearts. This heavenly fruit has special value in our hearts. It is great and can be used in salad, desserts, pickle of mangoes (Achar), Jam, shredded muraba, and mango lassi.  This fruit is very delicious and perfect for skin and other important things. You can try these varieties of mangoes that have special value. It is a national fruit and it produces 1,784,300 tons of mangoes in a year.

Varieties of Mangoes

Pakistan produced all 400 varieties out of 1000 but the main is 26 – 32 that have commercial value. It includes langra Mango, Chaunsa, Fajri, Sindhri, Anwer Ratool, Neelum, and Dussehri.


This type is a different type of fruit that is cultivated in Pakistan and superb quality and exported to different countries so it is also very popular. This is originated in Rahim-yar-Khan and Multan. Langra is a popular type of mango and developed this fruit by farmers. People called in langra which is a historically authenticated name. This type varies in size like medium to large, its base is flattening. It’s thin and the skin is green. Langra has yellowish-brown color and sweet fragrance. This fruit is soft as compared to other types of this tasty fruit. Its shape is oval and small. Its color is green, pulpy and filled with a juice. End of July is the best time for this fruit.

Langra type is grown under different climate conditions and has lateritic soil. These mangoes have PH acidic level and it is suitable to grow it, cultivate it at 8 PH levels. Our country maintains its freshness and superiority and presents this outstanding product to the world.


Chaunsa type is originated in Multan and Rahim-yar-khan. Try to find this best option. People love this fruit in the world. The flesh of chaunsa is light yellow and its best ripening time is Jun and August. It continues till the end of September. This type is in the world’s top list and extremely sweet, delicious, succulent flesh, less fiber, and amazing fragrance. This is not only a fruit of beauty. Sucker is thr meaning of chaunsa. Its color is yellow.  A wonderful and recommended mango by clients is exported to the UK, Europe, North America, and other countries. This type is also available in grocery stores or supermarkets. It’s quite soft and became an important fruit and you can buy this fruit till the end of September.

Anwar Ratool

Pakistani Anwar ratool is very tasty and prominent in the international market and popular due to demand, taste, and quality. This is clean and spotless fruit that has no inset so no infection. Our fruit is considered the best mango in the world.  Pakistani mango has a unique taste, quality, flavor, and pleasant type. Our farmers prepared this unique soil by mixing fine quality and water as we have the developer irrigation system and our agriculture sector is strong. This fruit is used in honey as it has smooth-texture and sweet. This fruit is cultivated in rural areas of Pakistan and used in Punjab province. This is available in peak season from July to August. The latest technology is used in the processing of mangoes. Pakistan provides tested mangoes to their clients.


Pakistan has introduced this unique category in the world. Fajri is the name of women who have grown mangoes so its name is this and it has rare texture and sweet taste.

Sindhri mangoe

This type of mango has a wonderful presentation. Sindhri is the main type of mango and it’s originated in Mir-pur-khas. This oval-shaped mango has less fiber and juicy content. Sindhri is the epitome in texture and taste. People called it queen of mango. Our fresh fruit is consumed because of its delicious taste and this type is cultivated in variable and diverse climate conditions. A delightful fruit is introduced in the market. We admire it a lot as it has a vibrant yellow shade. Its season starts in May and June. This type has 15 cm in length. We can make chutney with this mixture. Mango ice cream is also prepared with it and people take it with curries and chapatti.


This type of mango is cultivated in the 18th century. This is very sweet and Pakistan is the major producer of dasheri mango. This type has think skin and grown in rural areas as well (very old trees in villages of Pakistan). Dusehri has good content. It is good for health. Dussehri is a special type of mango. No other sweet mango exists in this world. Dusehri is a legend and shows our culture. Our people celebrate and share joy and happiness with this fruit. So experience them!


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